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The Key to Success in Mobile Catering

When starting up a new business, the idea is to gain great success from it. Whether this be from earning a desired amount, growing your company to a certain size or whatever goal you may set in place, success comes in many different forms. Our goal is to help guide people in the right direction to achieve this success in the best way possible, after all this does want to be an enjoyable experience.

We will go through 5 top tips for success in the mobile catering industry which you can implement straight away.

The Key to Success in Mobile Catering

Tip 1 – Have a plan. If you have gone for a bank loan or financed your vehicle, you will already be familiar with this. It is so important to keep this plan up to date. The reason for this is prices may change, you may gain more staff/lose staff, have lots or little waste etc. Setting a plan for how much you are going to spend and expected earning is so important to keep track to resolve an issue before it arisen and make sure you are making the most profit possible.

Tip 2 – Do you research! Prices are always changing. This is the same with both fish and potatoes. So look around, online, magazines and social media are great places to look and see where you can get the more affordable products to ensure you get getting the best profit.

Tip 3 – Clean! People buy with their eyes, and we are not just talking about the Fish and Chips. This is so important with mobile catering as your vehicle doesn’t just get dirty from the inside. You have all weather to contend with, so if you drive through a muddy puddle, make sure to wash your van/trailer by the next time you go out!

Tip 4 Learn. You may be new or may have been in the business for many years, there are many things to learn with the trade. Make sure you are open to learning new things. You don’t want to find you have been doing things the wrong way when a simple tip might be your key to success!

Tip 5 – Keep Calm. It is very easy to get overwhelmed when starting a new business or dealing with certain stresses business owners have. The key is to stay calm in these situations, there is always an answer to everything and if you don’t know it there and then, don’t worry. There are many places to help with issues/queries you make have like us here at Pro Fry Ltd and always try social media as you may find someone else has been in the same boat as you before.

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