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The Frying Range Maintenance Tips

For those of you using a Regal Mobile Frying Range, will already have been advised upon purchase of the maintenance required in order to keep up a consistent product, along with making your frying range last you as long as possible.

For those thinking of purchasing a Regal Frying Range, here are a few tips to keep your new purchase in tip top condition for as long as possible!


In order to keep your frying range safe and looking beautiful, a daily cleaning routine is essential. Fat builds up, not just on your frying range, but all over your Mobile Catering Vehicle. Having a daily cleaning routine after you have finished your village round or an event will minimise the fat build up, avoiding issues with your frying range and reducing safety issues.


We have discussed many times before the importance of Filtering your pans. We offer the Pro Fry Ltd Filtering Machine, to filter your pans, we recommend doing this at the end of every day of frying. This reduces carbon build up in the pans along with reducing your costs in fat for your pans! The carbon can not only cause issues with your food but also your pans, a simple pan filter each evening will allow your pans to last as long as possible.

The Frying Range Maintenance Tips


A Regal Frying Range, along with any type of frying range, will require regular servicing. The frying range is similar to a car, in the sense that if you don’t keep it maintained, then eventually things can start to go wrong. A service can check certain areas on your frying range to ensure you are frying at a consistent temperature, parts on your frying range are up to date and change parts which may need changing, just like filters or break pads would need doing on your car.

If you have a Regal Frying Range and have any questions about what we have discussed in this blog, then please give us a call on 01778 342915.

Please be advised, we cannot advise on other Frying Range brands.

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