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Street Food in Autumn/Winter

This summer has been great for mobile caterers, the beautiful warm days for events and festivals to the long summer evenings helping prolong business hours to maximise on profit. The end of summer bank holiday has been and gone, kids are back to school and now we have the cooler weather of Autumn to look forward to, we will explain how the winter months can be great for street food.

Over the summer months, mobile caterers have great success at festivals, weddings and other summer events. Now the BBQ season is coming to an end, customers are looking for easy, delicious meal options which are quick and affordable. The beauty of mobile catering is you can bring these meals directly to the customers door and save them from travelling miles to their nearest town just to get a take away. Fish and Chips is one of the nations favourite dishes, by bringing this beloved dish to surrounding villages and towns makes it very convenient for your customers to enjoy your version of Fish and Chips.

Street trading is a highly effective way of reaching out to a wider base of customers at a low cost. You may think being on the road would cost you more than having a shop, but when you look at things like rates, electric and other bills you may come across when running a Fish and Chip shop, then you will be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective running a mobile catering vehicle is. Not only this but if you choose to run a mobile catering vehicle alongside a shop, you are able to use your van as a source of advertising, along with reaching those customers who may not be able to reach a static shop location.

Street Food in Autumn/Winter

When running a Fish and Chip van, it is very important to keep your customers informed of your location, so they know when they can get Fish and Chips from you. Social media will be your best friend, by completing regular posts on which ever social media platforms your business decides to use, keeps your customers up to date of your location each day of the week. If you keep your customers informed, they will remain loyal and pleased you care so they can plan to visit your establishment. Having a built-in tracker on your van is a great tool to keep your customers up to date on where you are, without you having to constantly post updates yourself!

The last things to remember over the Autumn/Winter season is to enjoy yourself. This time of year is great fun, with so many exciting times to look forward to, like Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year it is an exciting time to be celebrating with your customers enjoying the one and only Fish and Chips!

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