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Standing Out in a Crowd

Standing Out in a Crowd

Having your own business can seem daunting, especially when you think about competitors who want the same custom as you. Luckily, with many years of experience and many van, trailer and container builds under our belt, we know a thing or two about how to stand out in a crowd.

It goes without saying that people buy with their eyes. Therefore, not only the item that you are selling, but also the premises that you are selling from, needs to appeal to the customer. This covers a few areas:

Firstly, the build quality needs to be to a high standard, where it is highly functional, for example; for the customer to order and apply sauces with ease. The high build quality will be noticed by the customer in areas like the high quality stainless used, where it doesn’t taint. The attention to detail, where dirt can’t get trapped along with other area’s we ensure are covered to make our units are as visually appealing as possible.

Appliances, such as the Frying Range, Griddle, Bain Marie etc. again need to be of good quality, not just for visual reason, but for reliability and product consistency. Not only this, but how this makes the product look to the customer. For example, the heated top box on the Regal Frying Range, which is well lit and full visible to the customer. Allowing them to see the products on offer. While keeping everything nice and hot, ready for serving.

Cleanliness is key. It doesn’t take much to get a cloth and wipe over everything. So, ensure a good after service cleaning routine. Practice good hygiene while serving. Don’t forget the outside of your vehicle needs to be kept clean as well, as you wouldn’t want this muddy weather to cover your nice sign writing!

Sign writing is an important part of your business, as this will showcase your brand even before your customer sees your product. So, make it bold, make it stand out and make it original. If you are unsure, don’t worry, our team here at Pro Fry Ltd can help with the perfect sign writing for your unit.

To really catch customers attention, you can add a little extra bling to your unit with some LED lights, they are extremely effective as you can get them in an array of colours and can be seen from a distance. Not only this but with an added sound system so people can hear you before they see you, you are sure to make a lasting impact and then blow away your customer with your Fish & Chips!

To get more information on a bespoke Mobile Catering Unit by Pro Fry Ltd, please call: 01778 342915

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