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Regal Frying Ranges

We are the sole distributors of Regal Frying Ranges, one of the best mobile frying ranges on the market that provides you with the ideal appliance to get your business off the ground in an efficient manner.

Or, if you are considering replacing your old fryer, there’s no competition when it comes to one of our Regal Frying Ranges. You can start to see the benefits of this mobile fish and chip catering fryer from the first installation.

Main Benefits

Twin burner system

Frying at consistent high temperature - for a crispy golden chip (No soggy, greasy boiled chips)

7 minute cooking time for chips (Serve your customers quicker)

Display impulse purchases with a lighted display box - More sales.

High safety features - submarine locking lids. Drive on to you next stop quickly and safely.

Plenty of space for cooking and storing food.

Store hot chips at the correct temperature.

Why is the Regal Frying Range Great For Mobile Chip Vans?

You want to cut down the amount of time it takes to get your food out from the fryer, and in front of the customer, but you also want to ensure that you are providing high-quality produce each and every time, you can do exactly that with your Regal Frying Range.

People are under the impression that if they purchase a cheap range, they have got themselves a good deal. However, this is not the case as they will end up with the wrong equipment that will end up costing them more in the long run, like a bad reputation and poor quality produce.

When you’ve got one chance to leave a good impression on customers, why would you want to ruin it? It could damage your reputation for a long time.

Regal Frying Ranges

What Makes The Regal Frying Range Unique

Our fryers operate a twin burner system under the pans with an insulated pan in a combustion box, in comparison to underpowered fryers, where most only have a single burner.

The downside to underpowered fryers is that they don’t fry chips, they boil them. They are simply not capable of achieving the fresh, golden, crispy produce that you strive for with your fish and chips.

The Process

Once the temperature of the oil reaches 180 degrees, the temperature will then drop 20 or 30 degrees where the chips will go through the natural cooking process, where they will crisp off nicely as the temperature is increased at the end.

However, with unpowered ranges, the temperature will heat up to around 160 degrees and drop the temperature of around 30 or 40 degrees, where the chips can’t recover in the time it takes to cook them. This is where greasy, unappetizing chips come from, the outside of the potato doesn’t get seared properly and the oil gets absorbed into the potato.

With our Regal Frying Ranges, you can expect fish with a crispy batter and fluffy inside every time, without fail – within 7 minutes. Whereas, other standard frying ranges it would take 15 – 20 minutes, with a poorer quality product at the end of it.

Display Your Food With Pride

People buy with their eyes…

So you’ve cooked your produce in a high-quality range, now all that’s left to do is to show it to your potential customers.

The design of our Regal Fryer Ranges makes it easier for your customers to see the quality of your produce at first-glance, as they have a glazed and illuminated window. The bog standard aesthetic of ranges made by most manufacturers are made of tin, look dull in appearance and people can’t see what they are potentially buying. However, our Regal Frying Ranges have a gleaming, polished finish, a thicker steel than most manufacturers and a window so people can see the quality for themselves.

Regal Frying Ranges

High Safety Features

What makes our Regal Frying Ranges so unique is that it has external lids to cover pans and locking lids inside the pans to allow for easy manoeuvrability, that no other frying range has. That means you won’t run the risk of a nasty accident occurring whilst you are driving around in your van, offering a mode of very safe transport. You can transport your dangerously hot oil at 190 degrees with peace of mind.

Many of the Regal Frying Ranges come with a selection of the below safety features. Before purchasing your range, double check which features you’ll have on the model you opt for as they do all slightly differ:

External lids to cover pans

Locking lids inside pans for very safe transport

Twin burner per pan

Flame failure devices

High-temperature limit stats

Regal Frying Ranges

Space For Holding Hot Food

Ensure that your food doesn’t go to waste once it’s been cooked with a Regal Frying Range with a heated chip dump and gantry. You can make sure that your food gets to your customers quickly when it’s at it’s freshest. Also, unlike standard ranges that just use ambient temperature in their food store box, our Regal Frying Ranges heats it to keep food at the right temperature. On top of that, many of our models have odour neutralizing cooking equipment built in to help them with the van or shop environment.

Efficient Oil Filtration System when Used In Conjunction With Oil Filtration

Our Regal Frying Ranges also go hand in hand with our Oil Filtration Machine. It’s really important that you skim your pans out every day, to get the most out of your frying range, if you don’t, you will notice the appearance of your oil will be cloudy. This is due to a buildup of carbon in your fryer, which can taint the quality and the taste of your food. To reduce the amount you waste on oil and save 40% on the oil you use and produce better quality produce, invest in our state-of-the-art oil filtration machine.

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