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Oil Fryer Filter Machine

You may be under the misconception that if you skim your pans every day that you have removed all the necessary grease and grime in order to achieve beautifully, golden fish and chips in your oil fryer, the next time you use it.

However, that’s difficult to achieve without our oil fryer filter machine, as it ensures that all carbon and leftover food particles are removed for good. So you are guaranteed nothing but high-quality, fresh, golden produce each and every time. No amount of skimming will remove carbon like our fat filtration machine.

Is it Worth Investing in an Oil Fryer Filter Machine?

If you want to produce consistently high-quality fish and chips without it being spoiled by old food particles, then it is worth it.

Investing in an oil fryer filter machine will provide you peace of mind that your oil won’t let you down when it comes to the taste and hygiene standards, as many do not know that the oil actually determines the colour of the product. If your fish and chips come out dark after frying, it is because the oil is dirty.

No More Wasted Oil With Our Oil Fryer Filter Machine

Do you usually throw away your old, used oil? Well, there’s no need when you’ve got an oil fryer filter machine, as our oil fryer filter machine will draw out the oil from the pan, filter out all the thick-matter and the very fine carbon in the oil, so it can be put back in the pan for numerous uses even after it’s been used all-day for frying.

Efficient and Consistent – Oil Fryer Filter Machine

Our oil fryer filter machine can save you a whopping 40% on the oil you use to produce your food and ensure that you have a beautifully cooked product each and every time, just how fish and chips should be. Enquire today to find out more.

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