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Spring into Mobile Fish & Chips

Spring 2019 is fast approaching, with warmer weather just around the corner and more people venturing out for street food. This time of year is a fantastic time to be setting up and establishing your Mobile Fish & Chip Unit. If you are looking at a brand-new build, it will give you enough time to have your order placed and be on the road to be reaping the benefits of the festival and event season, along with having a village round for your consistency throughout the year.

Spring/Summer time is an excellent time of year for the Mobile Fish & Chip trade. Along with being a traditional British dish which people love to enjoy throughout the year, you have the accessibility to take this dish to a desired location to serve customers for special occasions. Fish & Chips is an extremely popular dish at weddings, birthdays and other events, if you have the best equipment on site to provide your product at these events, rather than have it travel and not be as good quality if it was freshly served.

You may already have a shop and want to expand your business to help with serving these types of special occasions. If you have a Fish & Chip Unit which you can take onsite, it is great advertising for your business, as you are showcasing first-hand how good your Fish & Chips really are. The downside with having an order placed at your shop and travelled to a special event, is these items (Fish & Chips etc.) will sweat in the packaging and may lead to disappointed customers, as the food won’t be to the same quality as they would get from your shop.

You may be looking to do events and festivals throughout the Spring/Summer time, which is a great way to advertise your business. You have access to people throughout the country/world, who would normally not get to see your business on its normal route. With social media being as popular as it is these days, it is always good to use these types of events to market your business and bring in more trade, which you may not have got from your normal village route.

Keeping it simple is key throughout the Spring/Summer time. You may be tempted to add lots of new things because of the warmer weather, but with a Mobile Fish & Chip Unit, you only have room for so much and you may disappoint your customers if you run out or don’t stock your regular food to make way for a new creation. Consistency is key, people like what they know, your food is your USP so make sure to maintain what your customers like and you will have great success in the Mobile Fish & Chip business.

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Spring into Mobile Fish & Chips
Spring into Mobile Fish & Chips
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