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The Advantages to Owning a Mobile Catering Van During the Christmas and New Year Period

The Advantages to Owning a Mobile Catering Van During the Christmas and New Year Period

Owning a mobile catering van has many advantages throughout the year but at Christmas and New Year, the opportunities rocket. They call it the season to be jolly and most people live by that motto throughout the festive period. There are all kinds of events going on around that time, so mobile catering van owners can use this to their advantage and schedule their site set up accordingly.

Let’s look at some of the increased opportunities for mobile catering van owners over Christmas and New Year:

The Christmas Parties – Throughout December, there will be office parties happening all over the place. Even those who go out for a meal often get hungry at the end of the night and they go in search for that burger or kebab to soak up their alcohol. Van owners who can set up near to popular party locations like restaurants and bars in city and town centres are sure to catch a lot of extra custom.

Some party organisers may even want to hire the services of a mobile catering van as part of their event. It often works out considerably cheaper for them than a sit down meal and will fit in with the venue that they choose, even if it is miles out of town. So it helps to advertise that you offer these services in the months before Christmas when businesses are organising their parties.

Christmas Markets – Most big cities now have Christmas Markets throughout November and into December. Whilst many visitors will opt for the traditional hog roast, they can be put off by the prices. You can either get in on the hog roast selling action or offer alternatives for those who either don’t like hog roast or are unwilling to pay the high prices.

Shoppers – Of course, with Christmas we also get an influx of shoppers doing a mad dash to buy their presents in the run up to Christmas Day. When they are in such a hurry, they are more likely to be tempted to go for a quick and easy option and that is where your conveniently situated catering van comes in.

New Years Eve Revellers – Just like the Christmas Party people, there will be huge numbers of revellers out on New Years Eve. With long queues at the pizza and kebab shops, your catering van will be a sight for hungry eyes.

Sporting Fixtures – Over the Christmas period, sports like football tend to have an increased number of fixtures as dictated by the TV companies. Some teams will play at their home ground up to three times between Dec 23 – Jan 2; which is a lot more than they would normally play in that period of time. And the fans are likely to treat themselves to a beer, which accompanies a nice burger or chips just perfectly.

Diets are relaxed – Diets tend to go out of the window as people resign to the fact that they will put on weight with big Christmas dinners, lots of alcohol and stockings filled with chocolate. So those people that would usually be strict with their diet and avoid takeaway food are more likely to give in at this time of year. As we know, many people leave their ‘get fit’ phase for the start of the New Year, so mobile catering vans are less likely to be popular after this point.

If you were thinking about investing in a mobile catering van then now is the time to do it, just in time to make the most of all the additional opportunities over the festive period.

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