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Mobile Catering is on the Rise

When you think of Mobile Catering, you may think of humble, little catering vans placed inside a retail park to benefit the work force there, however, these humble little vans are taking over and here’s why…

Fast Food

No longer does the term “Fast Food” mean rubber burgers and old soggy french fries…Mobile Catering vans can be equipped with top of the range equipment such as Regal Frying Ranges, one of the best mobile frying ranges on the market, or our cooking oil filtration machine which achieve consistently golden, tasty, fresh fish and chips saving yourself 40% on the cooking oil you use to produce your food!

The Village Life

There’s countless villages around the UK that are more than 5 miles away from a fast food shop such as, a “local chippy” because of this, we’re seeing an increase of Mobile Catering Vans turning up in villages for 1 day a week to make the most of the customers who don’t want to take a 10 mile round trip for the nations most desired meal!

Being near your customers means more business!

If you own a shop, you need to be really careful on the location you select and can be confident you’ll get business throughout the year. The best thing about a mobile catering van is that you can head to any events or locations around the UK so business will never be a huge concern.

With a breadth of events happening around the UK, you just need to decide where your target market is at. Are you a bit more trendy or perhaps going down the traditional route? From there you can decide which events you’d most likely find your customers at and travel there with ease. Maneuverability won’t be an issue with a van like this, there’s no heavy lifting involved and you can simply drive your van straight into position on site.

Depending where you are in the UK, you may also be able to sell your product for more. Do your market research and find out the best rates for your food.

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