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Mobile Catering is a Growing Trend

Mobile Catering is on the Rise at Events

The popularity of mobile catering vans has grown significantly over the past few years in the UK, due to a number of factors.

With the equipment you can have in a mobile catering van these days, the appetite for mobile food vans as a source of high-quality and freshly made meals has grown enormously in the past decade especially at events such as music festivals!

In 2018 live music events in the UK saw an average attendance of 39,475 at an estimated 1,000 festivals that took place across the country.

With so many revellers to feed, it’s little wonder that mobile food vans have become so on-trend, at music events and everywhere else.

One well known success story within Mobile Catering is that of Richard and Pauline Ramsay having established Ramsay’s Fish and Chips in 1980. Almost 40 years later the company is famous throughout the Yorkshire Dales.

A much-loved British food

You can’t go many places and not find fish and chips on the menu! Being a long-loved British food, there’s now a wide range of mobile catering vans across particular regions in the UK selling Fish and Chips.


We’ve found that many customers of mobile catering vans use them for the simplicity of it especially in smaller villages where they have a mobile catering van turn up once a week, saving the villagers a trip to the “not so local” chippy!

Do you want to be a part of this growing trend? Contact us today to discuss your new Mobile Catering venture!

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