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Driving You to Success

Mobile Fish and Chips and Street Food is taking the world by storm. We have had customers from all over the globe wanting a Mobile Fish and Chip Van due to all the benefits and high income that go along with it. With such a great variety of food to cook on board and the ease of changing location, why wouldn’t you look into expanding your business in such a cost-effective way.

Having a van or a trailer gives you greater access and favourability to getting events where you can make £1000s each time due to the consumers desire to have a fresh product cooked to order. Customers would much rather freshly cooked food, rather than pre-packed food which will have time to sweat in the box and ruin the end product. Having a great fresh product will please your customers and result in repeat bookings and more food orders. Along with producing a fresher product closer to your customers end location, you will have much higher profit margins as a result of low running costs and no high prices fixed site fees and rates. This allows you to generate a high income and be greatly rewarded for a few hours of work, doesn’t that sound like everyone’s dream.

Driving You to Success

Another bonus to a Mobile Fish & Chip Van is that it allows you great flexibility in a number of different areas. If you were only looking to work a few days per week, you could, as an example, set up a weekly village round with a few stops to generate a desired income, allowing you spare time for events or other commitments. The same if it was events and festivals, you could choose to do as few or as many as you wish to reach a set income. This is the beauty with the mobile trade, you are in full control of the food you supply, the hours you work, the locations you trade and type of catering you wish to accommodate.

If you already own a Fish and Chip shop, a Mobile Fish and Chip van is a great way to expand your growing business. Expanding with another fixed location, means high fees and rates, lowering your profit margin. Whereas having a Mobile Fish and Chip van allows you another avenue to maximize on income earning you a great deal more thanks to the low running costs and high profit margins. This can be done by sharing your workload and equipment from your shop with your Fish and Chip Van, as an example; if you are chipping for the shops, you are also completing your chips for your van, if you filter your pans in the shop, you can use the same filter machine for your van to help save time, money and productivity. The Fish and Chip Van will also help with reaching out to a wider customer base and a personalized form of advertising all from an affordable mobile unit. Mobile catering is an amazing form is expansion along with a great place to get started in the catering industry.

At Pro Fry Ltd, not only do we manufacture Mobile Fish and Chip Vans, we also help with setting desired income goals and how to achieve this, training to be able to produce top quality Fish and Chips with the best products on the market and superb customer aftercare to ensure everything is going as planned and to assist if your plans change and you wish to expand your business.

If all this sounds like something you would be interested with, then give us a call today on 01778 342915 and we would be happy to help.

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