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Buy A Catering Van

Are You Looking to Buy a Catering Van?

You might be experienced in the catering industry, or you might just be starting out and need a little bit of guidance on the best way to get your business up and running off the ground. Whatever your experience, we can assist and guide you on the best route to take for your business, to provide you with the relevant training you need to buy a fish and chip van.

Here at Pro Fry, we are a specialist fish and chip van builders, specialising in bespoke mobile fish and chip vans. We are also the sole distributor of Regal Frying Ranges, one of the best mobile frying ranges on the market today. With our extensive knowledge of the industry, we can build your specialist vehicle for you and we can also advise you on proven ways to improve your business, with ideas that you may not have thought of before.

Things to Consider When You Buy A Catering Van

Due to the nature of the industry you’re in, it’s important to do the job properly and with our experience, extensive knowledge and market-leading appliances we can help you do just that. We have already helped people and achieved a 99.9% phenomenal success rate. We can teach you how to cook the best possible quality fish and chips and advise the best tools to achieve it with.

Qualified Industry Knowledge

In comparison to other catering van builders, we build bespoke quality fish and chip vans with extensive, qualified industry knowledge that allows us to work with you to ensure that your van reaches its maximum potential. We will happily advise you on the best layout for your vehicle to suit your needs and maximise your earnings and we offer a varied range of internal finishes, walls and floors and how to use it once it’s up and running. We will also advise you on how to deal with all the pitfalls of building a van.

We Can Provide Advice in a Number of Areas:

Interior design

The layout of your catering van

What should be on your menu

How to clean down your catering van in the correct way for health and safety

How best to cook the foods on your menu

Exterior design

Gas advice

Suitable locations for your catering van

Most profitable times to be serving

Much much more

Our Services Include:

Gasworks by our qualified gas engineer

Fabrication work

Carpentry work

Exterior and Interior design advice

Regal Frying Range In Your New Catering Van

Our Regal Frying Range is one of the best mobile frying ranges on the market that provides you with the ideal appliance to get your business off the ground in an efficient manner.

You want to cut down the amount of time it takes to get your food out from the fryer, and in front of the customer, but you also want to ensure that you are providing high-quality produce each and every time, you can do exactly that with your Regal Frying Range.

Our fryers operate a twin burner system under the pans with an insulated pan in a combustion box, in comparison to underpowered fryers, where most only have a single burner. The design of our Regal Fryer Ranges also makes it easier for your customers to see the quality of your produce at first-glance, as they have a glazed and illuminated window. What makes our Regal Frying Ranges so unique is that it has external lids to cover pans and locking lids inside the pans to allow for easy manoeuvrability, that no other frying range has.

Buy A Catering Van

Watch Your Business Naturally Grow

If you want great reviews, expert knowledge and a van built to last that will generate maximum earnings, contact us today to find out more on T: 01778 342915, E:

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