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Benefits of Mobile Catering During The Summer

Benefits of Mobile Catering During The Summer

Benefits of Mobile Catering During The Summer

A mobile catering unit is a great asset to own, whether it is alongside a fish and chip shop or as a full-time business. Even if you have a well-established round, there are some great ways to maximize profit and make the most out of your mobile fish and chip van.

Making the most of wedding season, festivals, corporate events and more is a great money-maker for your mobile unit as well as advertising your brand. It allows you to expand your customer base, reach out to a wider area and gain more business for the future.

Summer is the peak time for mobile caterers to optimise their income for the year, as there are so many events taking place during the months when the sun is shining (or shining a bit more often!). These are some of the most opportune events for mobile catering this summer:


A quick glance at the list of UK summer festivals should have mobile caterers excited at the business prospects this summer. Latitude, Boomtown, Creamfields, Download, Bestival, Boardmasters, Reading and Leeds are just a selection of the huge music festivals taking place over the next few months. We all know that music loving campers are the hungriest kind of campers! Generally, we’re talking about up to 100,000 people searching for three meals a day with access limited to within the confines of the festival grounds. So securing a pitch for mobile catering at festivals should be high up in your business strategy if you are looking for the most profitable opportunities.


You should also get your digital marketing strategy in place well in advance to take advantage of the wedding season. Increasing numbers of people are looking at themed weddings such as festival themes, incorporating mobile catering as an alternative to the traditional sit down meal. So make sure that your website or social media advertisements are making people aware of your availability to cater for weddings over the summer. Make acquaintances with wedding organisers to make sure that you are their first choice for mobile catering, should one of their weddings require it.

Corporate events

Throughout the summer there will be a host of corporate events from race days to roadshows. You can take a look at some of your local business networks on social media to see what is coming up in your area. The local council may also have affiliations with local enterprises that you will be able to find on their websites. So take a look at the list of companies that are confirmed and even the venue and sponsors to work out how big an event and business opportunity it will be for your mobile catering unit.

Some large corporate businesses may also be holding reward events for their employees so it is worth making conversation with employees from local businesses to get the

lowdown on any upcoming events that you may be able to provide catering for. Also, make sure that you look out for bank holiday sales at local stores or fairgrounds coming to local parks etc.

Remember, it is important to have the best equipment to make sure that you make the most of the big opportunities. If you are new to mobile catering or want to get a vehicle makeover with our top quality Regal Ranges to capitalise on the summer period or as a new business venture, then get in contact today for a quote.

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